3 of the Best Decorative Concrete Floors for a Richmond Business

Concrete Rejuvenation - Decorative concrete floors

Concrete Rejuvenation – Decorative concrete floors

For many people, having a house by the water in Richmond is a dream come true. Waking up and going to bed listening to the waves is as relaxing as it gets. However, those same individuals must take specific steps to protect their homes from damage caused by salty moisture. Even when building or remodeling, it is essential to make wise choices, such as having the right decorative concrete floors installed.

If you want a new flooring system for your house in Richmond right by the water or close to it, you have three incredible options. Keep in mind that regardless of the direction you take, it is critical to have the new surface sealed. That way, it has a protective barrier against not only moisture but also many other things.

Concrete Stain Livens up Car Dealership

Concrete Stain Livens up Car Dealership

  1. Acid-Stained Concrete – Acid-stained concrete is the first choice. Once applied, the stain penetrates the surface of the concrete floors. It then reacts to chemicals in the concrete. Not only does the chosen color become permanent, but the reaction with the chemicals results in a one-of-a-kind marbled effect that is simply gorgeous. A quality acid-stain product is more than beautiful; it is durable and long-lasting, making it perfect for your Richmond home.
  2. Epoxy – Another possibility for the concrete floors at your Richmond home is epoxy. This coating also provides an incredibly strong surface, and it is resistant to stains, abrasions, impacts, and more. Because epoxy comes in a vast assortment of colors and the installer can create unique designs using patterns and textures, you would end up with a stunning floor.
  1. Polyaspartic – Along with its resistance to moisture, this type of coating cures quickly. That means you could have the project done on one day and walk on the concrete floors at your Richmond home the next. By using a product like SunOne, you would enjoy many additional benefits, such as a floor with UV stability that never yellows and a higher level of abrasion resistance compared to epoxy.