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Beautiful Stained Concrete Floors in Virginia

Stained concrete floors

Stained concrete floors

After working what seems like a lifetime, you find yourself in a position to do activities that you want to do, which would have been impossible while the kids still lived at home. If one of your top goals is to give the interior of your Richmond home a facelift, stained concrete floors deserve serious consideration. Especially if you want to make your house look and feel elegant, a product like SunAcid is the ideal solution.

Although you could consider stained concrete floors using a water-based product, one with an acid base is a better choice for achieving the goal of making your Richmond home more elegant. For one thing, when applied, an acid-based stain penetrates the pores of the concrete. It then reacts to specific chemicals, which ultimately yields a marbled effect. Because that reaction is unique to every concrete slab, the outcome is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

You can select from a broad range of colors for your new stained concrete floors, including Black, Buckskin, Cola, Walnut, Vintage Umber, Terra Cotta, and Bronze. As deep, rich hues, you can imagine how any one of those would enhance the interior of your Richmond home. With such a variety, you can select different colors according to each room or have a professional installer apply more than one color in any given area.

Stained Concrete Floors

Stained Concrete Floors

There are additional reasons for changing the look of your Richmond home using a stained concrete product. This muriatic acid base creates a translucent look, with the color becoming a permanent component of the concrete. Because of that, you can enjoy its elegant appearance for a long time without worrying about the surface cracking or peeling.

Keep in mind that with an acid-based stain, you can focus on both the inside and outside of your home. Along with beautiful new floors, you might think about transforming the appearance and functionality of your backyard patio, driveway, walkway, or even pool deck.

How to Choose a Richmond Decorative Concrete Contractor

Concrete Contractor in Washington

Sundek of Tidewater

Whether you decide to have a product like SunAcid or SunEpoxy 54 applied to the floors in your Richmond home, it is critical that you hire the right concrete contractor. When it comes to overlays, finishes, and coatings, you cannot select just anyone. Instead, you need an expert with experience specific to the type of decorative concrete that you want.

Unfortunately, some concrete contractors claim they do it all but cannot deliver. In reality, a person needs special skills and training to use decorative concrete. If you were to hire a traditional contractor, you more than likely would end up with a subpar project. In fact, you may find yourself in the position of needing all the work redone. You can avoid a catastrophe by doing a little research.

Sundek of Tidewater

Sundek of Tidewater

Another reason for hiring the right concrete contractor to work on your Richmond home has to do with product knowledge. Using their expertise and connections with a highly respected dealer, they will select the appropriate product based on the look you want to achieve. If your goal is to transform the kitchen floors in your Richmond home to something with incredible shine and a unique design, a skilled concrete contractor could use a product like SunAcid.

The right contractor also knows the proper way to apply different types of decorative concrete coatings, finishes, and overlays. Because of that, they can produce incredible results no matter what you select, whether stamped concrete, painted concrete, epoxy, polyaspartic, or something entirely different. Even if you choose a custom overlay, an expert would know exactly the troweling method to use to ensure your 100 percent satisfaction with the completed project.

Laying concrete and working with decorative concrete are two different things. Before you hire just anyone to work on your Richmond home, ask for referrals, as well as a portfolio. Also, inquire about the products used and make sure the individual has the qualifications needed for working on your specific project.

Garage Floors in Richmond Will Beautify Your Space

Garage Floor Systems Hampton Roads, VAAll garage floors in Richmond experience some degree of daily abuse. However, those used for ongoing projects or to accommodate multiple vehicles and commercial service centers tend to get the worst of it. Instead of allowing the surface to deteriorate, you can do something about it without ripping it out and having it reinstalled.

When it comes to systems for garage floors in Richmond, nothing beats epoxy. In addition to dramatically improving the appearance of the space, this material can withstand almost anything. For instance, epoxy resists stains, impacts, chemicals, abrasions, and a host of liquid spills, including grease, brake fluid, and antifreeze. If something spills, you just wipe it up with a damp cloth. For large accidents, use the garden hose.

richmond-va-garage-floors-coatings-optionsSunEpoxy 100

SunEpoxy 100 is perhaps the most exciting product for epoxy garage floors in Richmond homes and businesses. Formulated especially for heavy foot and vehicle traffic, you would have a tough time finding a better flooring solution. The floor ends up looking so good that a lot of people might worry about its functionality.

If you own a commercial repair shop or service center at a local dealership, you want to provide your technicians with an enjoyable work environment. At the same time, you want your customers to walk into a professional business. Adding aggregates or colored chips completely transforms garage floors in Richmond. For the shop area, you could have fewer aggregates or chips added, but then for the customer waiting area, you can choose a denser volume.

Another significant benefit of choosing epoxy for garage floors in Richmond is that the installer can create different textures or add aggregates that make the surface slip resistant. Especially for your employees who work around fluids and grease all day long, this helps them perform better while reducing the risk of falls that lead to injuries.

Pool Deck Revival in Richmond After a Long Winter

Pool deck repair with Sundek

Pool deck repair with Sundek

Covered and perhaps drained over the long winter, the time is almost here to start prepping your Richmond swimming pool for the fun summer months ahead. Unfortunately, as you look at the concrete surface, you realize that you need help with pool deck repair. You see some minor to moderate imperfections and discoloration that make your pool less than exciting. If you want to wow your family and friends, have a professional installer apply Classic Texture, an excellent Sundek overlay.

Although Sundek has other overlay systems, Classic Texture is one of the most trusted. In fact, this system helped launch the decorative concrete industry almost 50 years ago. Thanks to advances in technology, this original spray-on texture overlay is even better than before. Best of all, there is no need for your pool deck to get torn out and reinstalled. Instead, an expert sprays this product on, costing you less time and money.

One exciting aspect of using this overlay for pool deck repair is that you can select from a host of colors to come up with something that looks sophisticated, elegant, retro, whimsical, and more. With Classic Texture, you can have virtually any look created. If you have teenagers whose friends come to swim, you could select bold and bright colors. If you entertain friends or clients, you can tone things down.

Classic Texture Sundek Coating

Classic Texture Sundek Coating – Pool deck repair

Along with color, you can have the installer add beautiful design elements. For instance, the expert can add custom score lines, aggregates, and more to give your pool area a one-of-a-kind look. You can even mix and match colors and designs for something unique.

For pool deck repair and to create the design that you want, Sundek Classic Texture is first sprayed on, followed by getting knocked down with a trowel’s edge. By doing that, the surface becomes more comfortable to walk on and slip resistant. After drying, the expert applies two coats of an acrylic finish, which gives the surface its final color along with optimum protection.

What Is Scored Concrete and What Are the Benefits?

Scored Concrete

Scored Concrete

In researching different decorative overlays, finishes, and coatings, you may have come across the term “scored concrete.” Scoring concrete is an excellent way to customize the appearance of a patio, driveway, walkway, or floor. (It’s also referred to as “saw cutting.”) 

Professional installers and contractors score concrete to add both depth and texture to an otherwise blank concrete surface. The greatest benefit of scored concrete is the fact that it gives you an opportunity to personalize the appearance of your concrete surface. With this process, you can have a distinct design or pattern created. Scoring is a fantastic way to personalize both interior and exterior concrete slabs at both residential and commercial properties.

If you’re planning to have a new porch, pool deck, or other concrete slab poured, you can customize the appearance using a decorative overlay with scoring that further enhances its beauty. If you have an existing concrete surface, a professional such as an installer from SUNDEK of Tidewater can apply an overlay on top of the surface and personalize it with scoring—to do this, the existing surface must be structurally sound. Even if you have damage such as flaking, chipping, or cracks, a professional installer can repair your concrete, and then proceed to do the customized scoring (see more about how SUNDEK of Tidewater’s concrete repair services).

Contact us for a free quote on your concrete scoring project

As mentioned, the top benefit of scored concrete is the almost endless design possibilities. With this technique, you can have all sorts of different elements created such as diamond, rectangular, and star shapes, or something completely custom. You can even have a gorgeous border created. In fact, if you want a flooring system that mimics hardwood, a professional installer can use the appropriate wood-toned color to represent the type of wood you prefer, whether that is oak, pine, walnut, or something else. Following that, they can score the grooves and make the surface look just like your wood of choice. The results are so incredible, no one will know it’s not real wood.