Indoor concrete has seen a huge increase in popularity lately with the realization that carpet and other floor covering materials are not healthy alternatives and can cause allergies, chemical intolerance, and asthma.

Decorative concrete floors have become the top choice for those looking for a low maintenance, long lasting, Eco-Friendly floor choice.

Sundek has over 40 years of concrete coating experience and manufactures coatings that provide lasting low maintain finishes.  Sundek of Washington is comprised of a team of trained and experienced applicators and support staff that can provide you the perfect floor for your home or business.

Residential Floors:

Living rooms, kitchens or even basements installed with Sundek stain products will give a natural rustic and mottled look, while stamped concrete is designed to look like rock, brick, tile, stone or even wood.

Commercial Floors:

Architects, builders & property maintenance companies across the nation specify & use SUNDEK systems for their decorative concrete coatings requirement.  These high performance coatings are designed to withstand use and abuse while providing long lasting designer finishes in a variety of styles and color choices.  Sundek floors can be found in churches, retail stores, lobbies and industrial warehouses, they are also popular in restaurant kitchens and veterinary floors.  Stained concrete along with epoxy and polyaspartic floors Are two highly used coating systems for the most demanding surfaces.

Industrial Floors:

Industrial and manufacturing warehouse floors are an ideal place to install Sundek Coatings.  Not only do they protect from stains but also stand up to heavy machinery and a variety of chemicals.

SUNDEK’s SunEpoxy & SunOne systems we designed to stand up to many difficult situations including:

  • Vehicle Service Bays
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Manufacturing warehouse plants
  • Distribution Centers

Restaurant & Retail Floors:

Although one of the most popular recent finishes for restaurants & retail spaces is stained concrete.  We are seeing a new popularity in resinous coatings.  Resinous coatings like epoxy and polyaspartics are ideal long lasting easy to clean and maintain floor finishes.  These coatings can be applied in a solid color or as a clear coat overtop stained concrete or stamped and textured overlays.  Public restrooms are also important and it is often a SunEpoxy , epoxy coatings or SunOne, polyaspartic solution that will be a top choice for these heavy use and regularly cleaned areas that need fast turnaround and durable system.

Garage Floors:

Garage floors are becoming more of a popular choice for finishes and design.  We are quickly realizing that a garage can be much more than a greasy place to park your car and dirty lawn mower.  A finished garage floor increases your homes value and increases the useable space around your property.   It is smooth and super easy to keep clean, while providing stain protection, impact resistance from tools and toys, and makes for an enjoyable entrance to your home when parking and exiting your vehicle.

Vertical Applications:
Sundek technology allows for not only floors but vertical surfaces to be transformed with color, texture and a superior level of functionality than paint or stucco.  SUNDEK concrete coatings are  ideal for vertical installations such as:

  • Game Room Walls
  • Restaurant  Walls
  • Residential & Commercial Buildings
  • Fireplace finishes
  • Featured decorative divider walls

SUNDEK vertical finishes can coat over old concrete, brick, drywall & even structurally sound painted surfaces.  there are no limits!

All SUNDEK systems  go vertical if you let them…