Concrete Stains

Sundek has surface-applied concrete color stains which provide translucent, mottled and variegated effects. They can be used on most concrete surfaces as well as Sundek acrylic modified cement overlay surfaces, for instance  SunStone, SunStamp, TUSCAN & SunCanvas.

Interior barber shopSunAcid

Reactive Acid Stain

“Natural oxide colors with Sundek’s natural acid stains .”

An acid stain that penetrates and reacts with cement to provide a permanent coloring solution and create a natural, earth toned look and finish.


Water-Based Concrete Stain

A water-based coloration stain that can be layered and combined with different colors to create a custom look not always achievable with reactive acid stains.



Liquid Concrete Dye

A quick drying acetone-based liquid concrete dye with the choice of a wide range of colors. It is easy to apply and often used in combination with acid stain and water based stains.