Transform Both Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces with Decorative Concrete

Classic Texture - Decorative Concrete

Classic Texture – Decorative Concrete

In simple terms, decorative concrete changes both the appearance and functionality of different surfaces, such as pool decks, driveways, patios, walkways, floors, and more. Although a lot of home and business owners go this route, most focus solely on horizontal applications. However, some products like SunSplash, an acrylic spray texture coating, also works on vertical surfaces, including walls, the front of stairs, fireplace surrounds, water features, and the list goes on.

With the right type of decorative concrete, you can transform almost any horizontal or vertical surface. Just imagine the incredible options you have inside and outside. For instance, you could use a stamped overlay in your hearth room to create a floor that looks exactly like real wood or stone. Then, you could have a professional installer change the appearance of the fireplace surrounds using the same stamped overlay design.

Classic texture around pool

Classic texture around pool

If you have a retaining wall visible to the front of your business that sticks out like a sore thumb, you can do something about it with the application of decorative concrete. As an example, the same spray coating mentioned would create an “orange peel” type of texture that looks beautiful. Then, by selecting a color that matches the exterior of the business or blends in with the outdoors, what was once an unsightly wall now looks stunning.

In addition to spray-on products, you can have decorative concrete surface hand-troweled by an artisan. Perfect inside and outside on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, this allows you to achieve a customized look. For the kitchen, you could coordinate your floors, countertops, and walls using the same or different designs and colors.

Regardless of which decorative concrete solution you prefer, it is essential to have it sealed. Using a clear sealant, the horizontal or vertical surface has a second layer of protection against impact, heat, moisture, abrasions, stains, and more. With the project complete, you will become the envy of family and friends or make a lasting impression on clients.